Giant Head Estate Winery

Giant Head Estate Winery is international acclaimed and located below an extinct volcano and above Okanagan Lake and Trout Creek Canyon in Summerland, British Columbia.

Owners, John Glavina and Jinny Lee have been growing grapes, and making small case-lot artisan wines since 2008. Coincidentally, Glavina is a Croatian name meaning ‘Giant Head’. As a family estate winery, they have full control over the vineyard and winemaking practices, and their approach is simple: make small batches as grapes ripen, and blend the batches based on their characteristics.

This provides an integrated and well-balanced wine with complexity and unique expression of the terroir. After years of patience and dedication, it is with great pleasure that Giant Head Estate Winery shares their love and passion for wine with you.



John Glavina and Jinny Lee